matthew d. barton
I was born in Kansas City, MO the day after the Kansas City Chiefs won their first and, until recently, only Super Bowl. This was also when the name "Super Bowl" was first used, Super Bowl IV, and the last year before the AFL and NFL unified.
I know of this because my glorious mother frequently regaled me as a child with, "On January 10th, Doctor Masterson said you needed to wait a day because he had tickets to tomorrow's game."
I played drums as a child that I bought with money from a paper-route. It wasn't my first form of employment. My sister and I created a delivery service called Downtown Gophers for one summer in St. Joseph, MO.
I later sold the drum set in order to buy an Atari 400 then 800XL. I wanted to continue playing drums but craved the digital realm more. Computers didn't come in small, medium and large back in the day, Atari just rebranded their line as XL to sound fancy in competition with Commodore and Apple.
I have spent time in Kansas City, St. Joseph, Overland Park, San Marcos, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Chicago and Austin since then, in roughly that order.
I wish I did a better job keeping in touch with friends.
I originally moved to NYC to pursue a writing and acting career.
I am not a fan of Pandemics.
My Stuff
Me, on other Stuff
I update each of the above irregularly but not randomly.
I may not reply to random, unsolicited inquiries.
I miss the old days but still march forward.
I believe that unity is strength.
I prefer tabs over spaces.
Go in peace, young padawan.